Hi, I'm Brigitte and I'm a professional photographer based in Hertfordshire. I specialise in taking informal and natural photographs in any location. My key areas of photographic expertise include:


When photographing an event, I take time to meet people, familiarise myself with the venue and itinerary so I can provide clients with an all-inclusive story of their special day. I capture the emotion, the highlights, the people and the surroundings so they can re-live the occasion forever.


For portraits, my experience in location photography is key as a fundamental part of my work is to source locations where my clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Be it children playing in the woods or strolling through a field, babies giggling at their parents or families gathered in a beautiful spot laughing about a shared memory.


Taking pictures of animals can be challenging. However, my knowledge of lighting, space and the right environment can make all the difference. With a little planning and a chat to find out about your pet's personality, I can ensure a striking, creative and treasured memory of your dog, cat, horse, rabbit or even pet snake!

Commercial photography for small businesses

For small businesses, having pictures of yourself and your products on your website can make or break you. People can't help but make 'snap' decisions about you before they've even met you! I specialise in providing small businesses with natural looking photographs. Whether you require a friendly and inviting looking portrait from your best angle, or an authentic and creative visual insight into your day-to-day work, I know how to make you look good enough to promote your business on a website or on promotional material.

I am based in Rickmansworth in West Hertfordshire and cover an area of 15 miles.
For more information please visit the galleries or contact me on 07909750111.